The water mattress

The mattresses are made of double-walled, laminated vinyl and, despite the highest tensile strength and elongation at break, achieve exceptionally soft reclining comfort with double safety.

Successfully tested and certified to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 even for Product Class 1 (for babies and toddlers up to 3 years) for the vinyl of the mattress. The certification guarantees that no harmful quantities of pollutants are used.

Patented: The transition-free, moulded three-dimensional corner welding ensures permanently flexible and durable corner seams. A single weld seam encircles the water mattress in a U-shape. Reduction of welding seams means fewer weak spots.

5-year warranty on all weld seams.

Zuschnitt der Folien mit CNC Technik Hochfrequenz Schweissautomat Laaserunterstütztes Verschweissen der Vinylfolien