About us

Akva Waterbeds is Scandinavia's largest waterbed manufacturer and produces high-quality systems of our own design and production. The company, which was founded in 1981, has achieved this position because it consistently relies in all areas on knowledge, quality and responsibility, and always keeps the whole picture in mind.

Product development emerges with a focus on quality and technological improvements, thanks to the good network of our retail partners and dialogue with end-users and industry partners such as LanXess. Akva Waterbeds are exclusively made to order in the most modern robot-assisted facilities. Many components are made by hand. Both guarantee you the high product quality with optimal coordination of all parts.

If you opt for an Akva Waterbed, you will sleep very soundly..

Sämtliche Teile für Ihr Wasserbetten werden unter einem Dach im dänischen Ry produziert