Sleeping on water

The many positive features of the water mattress system have long been recognized by enthusiastic users, such as a growing number of physicians and therapists.

Wasserbetten mildern Leiden erheblich

Sleeping while floating on water can prevent many ailments or be recommended for treatment. Preventative health care is becoming more and more important, with the rising costs in the health-care system and higher copayments for treatments and medications. If you have slept well, you have a good basis for maintaining your health in any case.

...Naturally a water mattress is not a cure in the medical sense, but the very positive experience of the last decades and the many loyal waterbed sleepers affirm that many ailments can be considerably relieved.

Das Wasserbett bedeutet druckfreies Schlafen

The hydraulic principle of an Akva water mattress allows you to lie down in an anatomically and physiologically optimal way. Whether on your back, side or in a prone position, the medium of water as a sustaining element fits your personal body contour harmonically and distributes the body weight evenly, even in the neck area. About 1/3 of the body sinks into the mattress. Thus, the pelvis and shoulders can sink down enough to support a more natural position of the spine, with simultaneous support for the torso.

By sinking down, you obtain pressure-point-free, full-contact support that stretches your spine, so that all the discs are relieved and can regenerate. The unimpeded blood circulation in the capillaries of the skin is ensured.

Im Wassebett ohne Druck entfällt das Drehen und Wenden

This means that the usual tossing and turning during the night no longer occurs, in part because no pressure is felt in the joints. The warmth of the mattress also brings deep, soothing relaxation of the muscles.

  • Pressure points in conventional mattresses
  • Uniform pressure distribution in a Akva water mattress

From many surveys, we know that the many waterbed sleepers would always opt for a waterbed, because ranging from the improvement in their everyday aches and pains, to freedom from symptoms of illness, it means the highest quality of life.

Of course, you don't have to be sick to sleep in a high-quality and healthy bed system.

Prevention keeps you healthy!

Prevention and therapy for

  • Back pain
  • Sleep disorders
  • Arthritis
  • House dust allergy
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Bedsores (decubitus)
  • Burns
  • Rheumatism
  • Rehabilitation, e.g., artificial hip
  • Pregnancy
  • Learn about the medical benefits of waterbeds
Learn about the medical benefits of waterbeds