Sleeping disorders

Disorders in falling asleep and staying asleep, which are grouped under the general concept of insomnia, occur very frequently. In America alone, one third of the population suffers from insomnia. Insomnia affects not only sleep, but also one's waking state during the day, since it leads to daytime fatigue and difficulty concentrating.

It is easy to understand that poor sleep at night causes fatigue during the day, but it is hard to say why difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep arise.

Almost everyone is plagued by sleep disorders at one time or another. “Sleeplessness”, disorders of falling asleep and staying asleep, can have many different causes, and in most cases there is no serious underlying physical or mental illness. We speak of a real parasomnia requiring treatment when “a sleep disorder with an inadequate duration or quality of sleep persists over an extended period”. Age differences should be considered here: Older people generally need less sleep; what might seem to be insufficient sleep can in fact be completely normal.

The Akva Waterbed often helps get sleep problems under control so that the person wakes up relaxed and refreshed. Most people who already own a waterbed system say that they fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly and wake up feeling more rested in a shorter time. Because of the warming of the water mattress, one climbs directly into a body-warm bed, which can greatly speed up falling asleep, since the metabolism does not have to be first stimulated to warm up a cold bed with its own energy.
The bed should be heated to a constant temperature of 27-30°C, between the constant 27 and 28°C of the temperature of our skin. In the summer, the adjustable temperature in a waterbed provides a pleasantly cool feeling, while in the winter you can enjoy a soothingly warm bed. The light swaying and the floating feeling foster the necessary mental relaxation (“I can turn off”), and sinking into the warm bed offers a feeling of security.

A conventional mattress that is too hard or too soft creates pressure points that made it necessary to change one's sleeping position at night up to 80 times. Deeper, more restorative sleep is therefore achieved by longer sleep phases (e.g., deep sleep), within which many processes of growth and regeneration occur. On an Akva water mattress, the nightly tossing and turning can be reduced to one-tenth, because there are no critical pressure points on the body. You do not feel any pressure on your bones, joints and skin.

This can also provide valuable support to counteract the daily feeling of not being rested and pain in the musculoskeletal system, and sleep medication can often be reduced.
Since the water in the mattress cannot pick up magnetic charges, the neutral Akva water mattress provides insulation from electromagnetic radiation. The water molecules are constantly in motion (chaotic) and therefore cannot be permanently aligned magnetically. A big advantage if there is a lot of electricity coming through your floor or the floor below you, such as a garage with a parked car in it. The metal and the car's electrical system generate strong magnetic fields.