A pregnant woman can lie more comfortably on her stomach and side on the Akva Waterbed. The floating effect distributes the increased weight and thus reduces the pressure that the heavy uterus exerts on the aorta. The filling capacity can be adjusted at any time to suit the current body weight.

On most conventional mattresses, especially towards the end of pregnancy, it is difficult to find a comfortable reclining position which provides relief and thus enables sleep and needed rest. The altered body proportions force most women into very unusual sleeping positions. The changeable filling capacity and the adaptability of the waterbed can bear the additional weight and so ensure a consistently comfortable sleeping position.

Contractions experienced on a waterbed are less uncomfortable if the pregnant woman lies in a “fetal position”, i.e., on her side with her legs drawn up.


Akva Waterbeds is also the right place for babies and toddlers to sleep – it is basically the most natural sleep, which the child knows about from his first “environment”, the amniotic sac. The first bed of every human being is actually a waterbed. The amniotic fluid protects us from vibration and pressure; your child may therefore wake up less often and sleep more deeply on an Akva baby mattress.