House dust allergy

Many people, every day suffer from: Watery eyes, swelling mucous membranes or rash. More and more people are suffering from allergies, the disease of civilisation, such as allergy to household dust.

Therefore one of the main motivations for choosing an Akva Waterbed is doubtless its perfect hygiene. Fabrics and vinyl mattresses meet the high Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, so they are is only hygienic, but also free of harmful quantities of pollutants.

A normal foam mattress absorbs ca. 1,000 litres of condensation in six years. Reason enough to replace them after 6 to 10 years, from the hygienic standpoint.
Unlike conventional mattresses, the original hygienic condition can be easily restored by washing the cover and cleaning the anti-allergenic vinyl surfaces.

Dander, skin particles, condensation, and hair, which become the ideal food for dust mites in the conventional mattress, can be easily removed from the impermeable covering of the water core. This also creates a dry, warm sleeping environment.

The rising warmth always keeps the mattress free of moisture, so there is no chance for mould and dust mites to develop, which are among the major causes of allergies.

Akva also offers waterbeds for babies and children, since this is where you find the most diverse pathogens as well as dangerous fungi and bacteria in conventional mattresses, since bodily excretions often come into contact here with natural fabrics that cannot be laundered.