Back pain

Aches and pains of the back are among the most common health problems in our society. According to doctors, physiotherapists and orthopaedists, treatment options are limited and therefore the magic word is “prevention”.

Ein Wasserbett ermöglicht eine gerade Lagerung der Wirbelsäule
A properly filled Akva Waterbed ensures, by its totally even support of the entire body, the rest, at least at night, that is so important for the spine and muscles. The relaxation achieved by the correct reclining posture allows the necessary regeneration of the spinal discs, since at night they are supplied unencumbered with liquid nutrients, so that the next day they can perform their shock absorption function in movement and load-bearing. The unique feature of the ability to change the filling capacity of an Akva Waterbed allows very precise adjustment. A lot depends here on the experience of your local dealer who installed the system for you.

It is also not always the precise position of the spine which makes lying down pain-free. Some structural defects of the spine can be relieved by over- or under-filling the system when the person is lying down.

The therapeutic warmth of the water mattress considerably helps the muscles to relax. This is particularly a boon for athletes and it relieves pain caused by tension, such that the use of painkilling drugs for chronic illnesses can generally be reduced.

When lying on one's side on a traditional mattress that is either too hard or too soft, lateral curvature can easily develop, such that the discs in especially the lumbar region are especially stressed on one side and some of the back muscles are stretched.

On an Akva water mattress, a deformity of the cervical spine is prevented, which is often the cause of neck pain and headaches. With the proper flat pillow or our adjustable water pillow, this area is also relaxed.

Another important aspect is the right sleeping environment, as it is often chilling of the neck and shoulders that is responsible for pain in this area. A breathable, lightweight summer blanket prevents heat build-up and moisture from perspiration, so that the Akva Waterbed can provide its typical, constant sleeping environment.


It is very important for Akva to know what happens when we sleep on water. We ourselves have a great deal of knowledge in the field, but we constantly gain new insights from our cooperation partners in research and development.

Therefore Akva, in collaboration with the Danish Research Centre and the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, among others, participated in a research project on mattresses and chronic back pain. The project analysed, in a long-term trial, what effect an Akva Waterbed, a viscoelastic foam mattress or a firm mattress has on back pain.

The research shows that of the three types of mattresses tested, the waterbed performed the best for backache.

Download (PDF): Better Backs by Better Beds, Spine Journal, April 2008