Care Cushion

ProActive: flexible, individually customizable care system used for prevention (e.g., of bedsores) and accompanying treatment.


Training, Therapie und Entspannung im Wasserbett mit wavebalance


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Akva Care

Sound sleep is one of the most important things in life, because we spend a third of our lives in bed.

The new Akva Care health portal from Akva Waterbeds A/S gives you comprehensive information on the medical and therapeutic benefits of sleeping on a high-quality waterbed, on the technology, special applications, and further developments.

Individual guidance is particularly important, preferably with a specially trained Akva Care local partner who is not satisfied until you really sleep well.


“Since Viktor has had the Akva ProActive, he wakes up a lot less at night. That is a huge relief – both for him and for me”.

- Jan Diethelm, father of Victor, age 9, muscular dystrophy

“Thanks to ProActive, I have been able to reduce my medications by half”.

- Lisbeth Lindquist, disability: spasticity

“With ProActive and the integrated massage treatments, I was able to reduce my visits to the physiotherapist by more than half”.

- Lissy Tanner, disability: muscle disease, Paramytonia congenita

"Even with the best mattress I was in constant pain. But the Akva waterbed has made a huge difference for me."

- Steffen Melsen Braüner, disability: muscle disease

"I was close to getting a herniated disc, but after I got a waterbed my back pain disappeared and I'm recovering much faster - especially after a hard training or match.

- Henrik Hansen, professional handball player

Sleeping in a waterbed means I don’t strain my body and the heat from the water mattress has a good impact on my sore bag.

-Kenneth Kammersgaard, disability: spinal cord, professional tennis player

In my Akva waterbed I can in fact lie on my injured shoulder. This means I am able to perform better.

- Jan Paulsen, professional handball player